🚶Entering your Metagate

Now it's time to enter your Metagate and start having fun!

Now that you have acquired your Metagate NFT, it is time to use it as a key to access the Metagate itself.

  1. Head to ar.voyage.

  2. Connect your WalletConnect or MetaMask wallet.

  3. Click 'My Metagates'.

  4. Choose the Metagate you want to access and click 'View'.

  5. At the bottom, click 'Edit' to enter your Metagate.

  6. Wait until the Metagate finishes loading, and then you're in!

NEVER SHARE YOUR METAGATE LINK. This link is unique to you and acts as an access key to your Metagate. Anyone with this link will be able to access and edit your Metagate.

Now it's time for you to start customizing your Metagate – head to the next page to get started!

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