Add In-game Music

Elevate the ambience of your Metagate with in-game music.

To get started with in-game music, follow these steps:

  1. Press 'Q' where you'd like to place the object.

  2. At the bottom of the Objects tab, click the right arrow twice then click 'Audio'.

  3. Choose the speaker you'd like to place, then press the + button.

  4. Using your mouse, choose where you would like to place the speaker. You will have following controls while placing:

    • Place: Press 'E'

    • Push/Pull: Press 'V' or 'B'

    • Rotate: Press 'Z' or 'X'

    • Scale: Scroll up or down

    • Cancel: Press 'R'

    • Delete: Press 'T'

    • Crouch: 'C'

  5. After placing the speaker, highlight it and press 'F', then click the 'Music' tab.

  6. In the Music tab, you will see several options:

    • Add Music: Upload your own MP3 audio tracks (up to 3 tracks, or 6 tracks if you own a Cyber Speaker or Cyber Core).

    • Default Music: Pre-loaded audio tracks.

    • Uploaded Music: User-uploaded audio track.

    • Volume: Defines the max loudness of the audio.

    • Volume Style

      • Dynamic: The volume level corresponds to your proximity with the speaker — the closer you are, the more intense the audio plays, and vice versa.

      • Constant: Steady volume level within the specified radius. As you step outside this radius, the audio becomes non-audible.

    • Volume Radius: Dictates the audio range from the speaker.

  7. To play music, just click either a default or uploaded track and press the Save button.

Now you can create an ambience perfect for your Metagate, whether that's playing classical music or simply some ocean waves crashing 🌊

  • The audio tracks loop infinitely.

  • Refreshing the browser will cause the audio to start from the beginning.

  • You can place multiple speaker around you Metagate, each with a different track.

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