Edit Walls and Floors

You are now able to change the material and texture of walls and floors, truly making your Mategate unique!

To get started in customizing your walls and floors, follow these easy steps:

  1. Press 'ESC' on your keyboard while inside your Metagate, and click 'General Mode'.

  2. Select 'Edit Surfaces' mode.

Selecting 'Edit Surfaces' will disable the ability to add and edit objects, this makes it easier to select walls and floors.

  1. Close the menu, walk up to the surface you'd like to edit and press 'F'.

  2. You can edit the texture and color of the surface. Here are the various settings:

    • Texture: Choose the texture of the surface.

    • Hex: Change the color of the surface.

    • Emission: Change the brightness of the surface.

    • Metallic: Change the metallic value of the surface.

    • Roughness: Change the Roughness of the surface.

    • Scale: Change the scale of the texture tiling.

You can change all walls/floors in the room by toggling the 'Edit All Room' button under the Texture tab.

  1. Once you are happy with the look, click 'Save'

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