Add NFTs

Display your favourite NFTs in your Metagate.

The first thing you should do when you first enter your Metagate is place one of your favorite NFTs. Once you have entered your Metagate, follow these instructions:

  1. Find a wall where you want to place your NFT.

  2. Approach the wall and press 'Q' on your keyboard.

  3. Click 'NFTs'.

  4. Choose the NFT you would like to place, then click '+' button.

You can now filter your NFTs by type — at the bottom of the NFT selection pane, you can filter by 3D, Image or GIF!

  1. Using your mouse, choose where you would like to place the NFT. You will have following controls while placing:

    • Place: Press 'E'

    • Push/Pull: Press 'V' or 'B'

    • Rotate: Press 'Z' or 'X'

    • Scale: Scroll up or down

    • Cancel: Press 'R'

    • Delete: Press 'T'

    • Crouch: 'C'

  2. Once you are happy with the placement, press 'E' to apply.

  3. That's it, you have now placed your NFT!

Now just sit back and admire your new NFT, or check out how to customize its frame to make it unique!

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