Edit Frames

Make the NFT pop out more with a custom frame.

Now that you have added your NFT, you can choose to edit its frame to make it more unique, or totally remove the frame.

  1. Walk up to your NFT and press 'F' to edit.

  2. Open the 'Frame Border' tab.

  3. This will open all of the Frame settings. You can change various settings here:

    • Type: The type of frame. You can choose from a selection of preset frames.

    • Padding: Change the thickness of the inner padding.

    • Padding Color: Choose the colour of the inner padding.

    • Border Size: Change the thickness of the outer frame.

    • Border Color: Choose the color of the outer frame.

    • Padding Visibility: Turn off the background for NFTs with transparency.

    • Glass: Turn glass on or off. This adds a reflective layer to your NFT.

  4. Once you are happy with your frame, click 'Save'.

To completely hide the frame, just change the Border and Padding size all the way down.

Play around with the Frame settings to find your style! Up next, learn how to import your very own custom 3D assets.

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